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myBB Information on Wordpress
I am planning to add some myBB information on my wordpress. I don't really need a whole user integration because I disabled wordpress integration so all the accounts will be made in mybb.
If someone knows, you can help me integrate my wordpress theme with mybb forum. I want my mybb forum inside my wordpress header and footer.
I also want the wordpress widgets that will show the user profile pic and details like inbox, unread post, friend request/other notification, user group/role, rank, points balance under it if they're login and if not, a login form will be shown with register and forgot password link.
I also want to add widgets that will show poll, b-days, recent forum posts and forum statistics.
This integration was already made for phpBB ( but I need it for myBB since phpBB is not updating nowadays and most of the plugins don't work.

I can pay a small amount of money for who can make it somehow. My website is not really big Smile
wordpress header and footer should be manually coded to MyBB forum. if you have a dynamic menu on wordpress then
menu changes on WP do not automatically reflect on MyBB. if you are not comfortable in making those changes then you
would again need someone to modify.

a couple of MyBB related widgets (like latest threads) are available for wordpress and they need some code modifications.
I am able to add the logo now it looks more like my wordpress site, the only thing I want is to add the wordpress menu above the logo

Sequence will be
WP Menu
Mybb Menu

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