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Not Solved [General] how to change the link of registering and logging
Not Solved
HOW to change the links of registering and logging to other links:

i want to change them to another link, for example:

This is to prohibit the spam bot from auto registering and auto posting in the forum.
If i block the usual url of logging, then they will no longer be able to post with their ordinary script.

Waiting for your answer as i don't know the changes that i must do.

Not Solved
You'd have to go through the whole MyBB codebase and replace every instance of member.php with member222.php, but I highly discourage doing that. There are better ways of preventing spam than renaming files and we may not provide support to heavily customized forums as it would be hard to know if the issue was caused by MyBB or by your own changes. You'd also have a very hard time upgrading.

There are many anti-spam plugins available:
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
Not Solved
Thank you Nathan.
I will not use this method then.
I will check the link you provided.

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