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Not Solved Scrutinise IP and Cloudflare not working
Not Solved

I recently noticed the even with "scrutinize user IP" set to yes that cloudflare IPs are still showing rather than the real IP. This occurs for anything that uses cloudflare's get IP method (e.g. All default MyBB and plugins such as: Admin CP honeypot thats been edited to do this)

Any help is greatly appreciated

Not Solved
You need to get the cloudflare apache plugin compiled and installed to get the original IP's. It says so on the cloudflare site.
Not Solved
Thank you for your reply but I do not think that is correct. That plugin restores the IPs server wide and is at a hosting level but is not required as there are other ways to get the correct IPs at a CMS/FORUM level. If it is true then cloudflare no longer sends HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR or HTTP_X_REAL_IP headers which I don't believe to be the case

Scrutinise IP used to work and is recommended in several places. Its mentioned somewhere here on the forums, is turned on by the cloudflare plugin by Nathan Malcolm and is also the way cloudflare say to do it over on their site:
Not Solved
Not Solved
My plugin retrieves the correct IP address. If you install it you shouldn't need to enable the Scrutinise IP method.
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