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Not Solved [How To?] Need help with site
Not Solved
I would like to add the news category on my forum ( to a sidebox on the left. I would like it to be similar to where it shows the pictures and a short description of the news story, then you click on it to read the full story. Any help with this will be appreciated.
Not Solved
Hi @Decoto, you'd like to add a sidebox in which you will put or write all of your news as I understood, right? If so, you must be able to code themes and edit its HTML and add a sidebox in the part of the theme you want to or you must find a theme with already sidebox at left.
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Not Solved
Try using the portal as your homepage, thats what most people do. You will have to edit it a little though to get it how you want.
Not Solved
Im still looking for help with this.
Not Solved
I really would love some help with this. It would be a big part of my site.
Not Solved
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