Not Solved Larger font for some reason :/
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I'm having difficulties with my theme.
Before it looked like this:
^smaller text size.

Now for some reason it's:
^Bigger text size.

All I changed was the "div.error" css options in the global css and that happened.

Can anyone help?
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Forum URL?
Not Solved
Sent a PM with the link.
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global.css doesn't validate. There's an error in:

.smalltext {
	font-size: 11px;

Quote:221 .smalltext Lexical error at line 221, column 1. Encountered: "\u000b" (11), after : "" font-size: 11px;
222 .smalltext Parse Error }

I'm not sure what that is. The code looks fine. Maybe some sort of a weird hidden character that's messing things up? I don't know. The .smalltext CSS rule appears empty in Chrome's dev tools (if you add font-size: 11px it works fine).

Try removing the whole .smalltext class block and add this to the bottom instead:

.smalltext { font-size: 11px; }
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Ahh, I've just changed it to what you've said.

Works now, thanks so much :]

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