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Not Solved [How To?] how to change admin password in mysql?
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I changed admin password as video below but I can't login with that passwordSad. Why?

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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Are you doing it correctly? walk us through step by step of what you are doing.
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I do exactly as video.
I even try to change user pass(normal user) in MYSQL, then that user can't login with new password and the old password doesn't work any more.
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This could be possible with a little help.

This will be a little funny. because you will be asked to register on your forum again.
create an account by registering at your forum. and change in mysql membership code.

entered into phpmyadmin:
select table: mybb_usergroups, see the composition of the user group there.
select table: mybb_users, find your account and change usegroups there be 4 or by arrangement ditable your user group.

1. cpadmin then login and change the password to the administrator account previously.
2. changed after logout from admincp. and remove a new admin account earlier.

hopefully this is finished.

If you change the password directly in phpmyadmin. it will not work because your password is encrypted.

better use of the above.
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very complicated. Try this:

Go to php my admin, run the sql query below assuming your table prefix is mybb

UPDATE mybb_users SET salt = '', password = md5('mypassword') WHERE uid = x;

Replace mypassword with the pass you want to give.
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waw. lefish amazing.

hahaa .. I can not use it.

example how lefish. ?

UPDATE mybb_users SET salt ='', password = md5 ('mypassword') WHERE uid = x;

which entered username
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um, you have to put the uid where it says x. I use this all the time on my test forums when I have forgotten my password Toungue
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I have tried it 2 times. um .. even 3 times. but it does not change too paswordnya.

Big Grin

This is not just a change? = Md5 ('mypassword') WHERE uid = x;

eg: md5 ('MyBB') WHERE uid = 1;

lefish not working. if this is true :p

whether there is 'salt' in there I did not see it. if there was it was really salty.

hahaha .. This turned out to work lefish. I entered the wrong data base. I really - really get lost in my own computer. a lot of junk database .. hahahhaa :p

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