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Not Solved installing games mania 1.6
Not Solved
friends, I am a new user and still learning. I want to install this theme but this has many folders. please tell me where to upload .pst and other files. please do not put screen shots as I am blind and can not sea. please write the instructions I can follow them. thanks.
Not Solved
uncompress the theme files in a folder. you get theme's xml file, a folder with theme images and PSD folder.
upload gamesmania folder (it consists of images files of the theme) to images folder of MyBB files server
leave PSD folder. and you have to import the theme's xml file through themessection of admin panel.

this is a link to a tutorial for themes installation guidance
Not Solved
Go to Admin CP, then themes and templates. Click on "Upload new theme", there you should put your XML file and upload it, if it does show an error message for compatibility, you'd need to check "Ignore compatibility" and then upload it.
Once that done, only members who will select that theme from their User CP would be able to see it, if you want to set it as the default theme, go back to "Themes and templates" and next to the theme you just uploaded click "Set as default", and to force users to use it, click "force on users".

Don't forget to upload the images to your forum's images directory.

All done, good luck.
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