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my forums was hacked.last version 1.6.10
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
how are you today?
i have the last version 1.6.10 and today i see that my forums was hacked.
how that can happen?

i can enter to the admin panel
and the admin logs:
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 21:03 Changed board settings
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 21:01 Changed board settings
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 21:00 Activated 5 user(s)
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 21:00 Deactivated plugin: loginconvert
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:59 Deactivated and uninstalled plugin: cloudflare
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:58 Changed board settings
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:58 Changed board settings
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:57 Forced theme #29 (1) on all users
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:57 Set theme #29 (1) as default
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:57 Deleted 8 user(s)
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:52 Deleted / Reverted stylesheet #141 (global.css) in theme #29 (1)
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:51 Edited template # (index) from template set #30 (1 Templates)
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:49 Downloaded a backup of the current database
stealth 11th Jun 2013, 20:48 Downloaded a backup of the current database
is stealth an unknown person ? which plugins you have activated - see vulnerable plugins list
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Disable portal.php Plugin (1.1)
Disables portal.php to reduce the potential attack surface of MyBB.
Donate $5 toward further development - A great way to say thanks or place a feature request.
Created by Thomas Hruska, CubicleSoft Core Activate
Max Post Views Guest (1.0)
Limita el numero de post que pueden ver los invitados
Created by Edson Ordaz developer de SoporteMyBB Activate
Presentation (1.0)
Obliga alos usuarios a presentarse!
Created by Edson Ordaz Activate
Akismet (1.2.2)
Akismet is a program that helps prevent SPAM on your forum.
Created by MyBB Group Install & Activate
Assigned Avatar (0.1)
Allows you to randomly pick avatars froma a folder and assigned it to the Newly Registrant.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Auto Post & Thread (1.0)
This plugin will allow only selective User Groups to post Posts & Threads automatically.
Created by Shahaab Activate
CloudFlare Manager (1.0-beta 3.1)
An advanced plugin for managing CloudFlare from your forum's admin control panel.
Created by MyBB Security Group Install & Activate
Default Avatar (1.0)
Force users to have an avatar. Set default information in ACP -> Settings -> User Registration and Profile Options.
Click here to set a default avatar to current users which do not have one selected.
Created by Santiago Dimattia Activate Uninstall
Donation Page (0.3)
A page for collecting donations.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Easy Rep (1.0)
This Plugin Allows Selected Administrators To Add X Amount Of Positive, Neutral & Negative Reputation Directly From The AdminCP.
Created by Vernier Activate

Created by Yaldaram Activate
Forum Icons (3.0)
Adds icons to forums on index.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Activate Uninstall
Guests Can't View Threads (1.1)
Guests cannot view threads.
Created by Jammerx2 Activate
Google SEO (1.6.5)
Google Search Engine Optimization as described in the official Google's SEO starter guide. Please see the documentation for details.
Created by Andreas Klauer Activate Uninstall
Guest Access (1.0)
Allows you to set the number of threads that can be read by guests
Created by Nick Activate
Hello World! (1.0)
A sample plugin that prints hello world and prepends the content of each post to 'Hello world!'
Created by MyBB Group Activate
Hello PluginLibrary! (hello_pl.php)
A sample plugin for developers that demonstrates the features of the PluginLibrary.
Created by Andreas Klauer Install & Activate
Hide Links (0.1)
Use to Hide Links.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Hide Conten Until Reply (1.6)
Allows you to hide attachments, urls and/or [hide] tags content, after reply (Plugin Confguration)
Created by Dark Neo Activate Uninstall
Index Top Posters (1.0.1)
Show Todays/Weekly/Monthly/Forum Top Posters in Index
Created by Pars, Activate
KeyWord Cloud (0.1)
Shows a cloud for the search terms.
Created by Yaldaram Install & Activate
Login Password Conversion (1.3)
Converts passwords to the correct type when logging in. To be used in conjunction with the MyBB Merge System.
Created by MyBB Group Activate
Menu Manager (1.0.2)
Adds an easy to add menu system for MyBB. Allows you to add/remove/disable menu items.
Created by vbgamer45 Install & Activate
MetaTags Plugin (1.0)
Set custom meta tags for your page (useful for search engines crawlers ie. google, yahoo, etc.)
Updated&improved version of Meta - Tag Plugin / Meta - Tag Eklentisi for MyBB 1.6.x
Created by Snufless Activate Uninstall
Disable Minchars in Posts for Groups. (1.0)
It disables the minchar in posts for groups.
Created by bubulang Activate
My Awards (2.3)
Give awards icons to members.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Activate Uninstall
My Juke Box (1.0 )
This is a Drop Down Juke Box that will allow you to play sound files and play it from a drop down list.
Created by ghazal Activate
My Mood (1.0)
Allows your users to display their mood on their profile & postbit.

Created by Janota Activate Uninstall
My Rep- System (1.0)
This plugins allows you to select User Groups allowed to give multi reputations.
Created by Shahaab Activate
My Super Ticker (0.1)
A best ticker tape for the community.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
MyBB Mp3 Player (1.0)
Adds an mp3 player to your forum (seperate page)

Created by Janota Activate
MyBot (1.2)
Adds a simple Bot to your MyBB

Created by Jones Activate Uninstall
MyDevel: Generate (1.1)
Generate users, threads and posts for development purposes.
Created by Aries-Belgium Activate
MyShoutbox (1.7)
A powerful AJAX shoutbox for MyBB.
Created by Pirata Nervo Activate Uninstall
MyTabs (1.32)
Lets you implement tabbed browsing in your forum.
Created by Ethan Activate
OUGC Custom Reputation (1.0.1)
Allow users rate posts with custom post reputations.
Created by Omar Gonzalez Install & Activate
PluginLibrary (11)
A collection of useful functions for other plugins.
Created by Andreas Klauer Install & Activate
PM Sound (0.1)
Plays a sound when selective groups receives a PM.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Private Messages Admin (2.4.3)
Gives admins the ability to look through their forums private messages.
Created by Aaron Activate
ProStats /proʊˈstæts/ (1.9.5)
Professional stats for MyBB. (Settings)
Created by SaeedGh Activate Uninstall
Advanced Rainbow Colors For All Links (1.0)
Displays javascript logout confirmation.
DONATE and support us if you like the service.
Created by GodFather Activate
Ranks (1.2)
System of ranks for users.
Created by Edson Ordaz Activate Uninstall
Remember us? (1.4)
Sends out e-mail reminders to users.
Created by Aries-Belgium Activate Uninstall
SCD Hide From Groups (Free SCD Plugin) (2.5)
When activated it will hide the contents of selected MyCode tags in your posts from selected groups.
Created by Dylan Myers Activate Uninstall
Purchase Sticky Threads (1.0)
This plugin allow selective User Groups to purchase Sticky Threads in selective Forums.
Created by Shahaab Activate
Tabbed Menu (2.0.2)
Adds tabbed menu to your index page.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Activate Uninstall
Tag Cloud (0.1)
Allows you to add a box under whos online containing Tag Cloud.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Thread Suite (0.1)
A complete solution for your forum threads.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Thread Viewers (0.1)
Gives a list of thread viewers on each thread.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Thanks (3.9.1)
Add a Thanks button to user posts.
Created by Huji Lee, SaeedGh Activate Uninstall
Floating Guest Notify (1.1)
Shows a very nice floating notification for guest.
Created by Dark Neo Activate
Who Was Onlinne Today (1.2)
The plugin displays on the main forum detailed information on who was in the last 24 hours.
Created by Maciek Koprek (CichyWiatr)

The MyBB group offers support under the conditions of our Support Eligibility policy. It is apparent that one or more of your forums do not meet the conditions of our policy and therefore you are ineligible for support. This could be because of adult, piracy or hacking related content or because your forum does not display the minimum “Powered by MyBB” notice.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please post in the Private Inquiries forum.

The MyBB group.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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