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Not Solved extra <? being added to markup
Not Solved
Hey guys, I have an issue I need help with. There is an extra '<?' being appended to my markup, after the footer. On IE8 it shows up in the content, in modern browsers just the markup.

<!-- end: footer -->

It just started this morning. I imported a new version of a page through page manager and as soon as I did, this started to show up. I can NOT find the extra code anywhere. I even degraded back to the original version and it is still there. It also shows up on the contact page, but these are the only two pages it shows up on. I have other pages through page manager that are not doing it and pages that are native do not render this either. The only thing these two pages have in common is that they don't use the templates (allowing php in the code). Also, I never touched the contact page this morning so I don't think it's anything I introduced into the pages individually.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on, where it's coming from or how to fix this?

Thanks for reading.

Also, when running through a validator, I get this message:

Line 207, Column 36: Saw <?. Probable cause: Attempt to use an XML processing instruction in HTML. (XML processing instructions are not supported in HTML.)
<!-- end: footer --></body></html><?
Ordo Ab Chao
"Insanity: doing the same thing over again and expecting different results." - Einstein
Not Solved
please post test url
Not Solved
Thanks for the reply.

Sure thing, here you go:

Another thing is that this does not happen on my test server (which is internal) with the same pages and setup.

This only seems to be happening for pages that are done through the Page Manager plugin. But I can't find any reference to anyone else having this issue or there being any bugs with the plugin.
Ordo Ab Chao
"Insanity: doing the same thing over again and expecting different results." - Einstein

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