Discuss: MyBB 1.2.1 and 1.1.8 Security Update
Board patched...pretty easy, that's cool.

Thank you.
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arashpour Wrote:Has this update came out for this?
Also, I WILL update but i am NOT going to let people upload their files again ever! It is too much risky. they rather upload it to some other servers. And i WILL enable attachment management to prevent some craps doing some weird things to my beloved forums!
Yes - I believe that's why you had that problem. If you clicked on a attachment which had that code in it they would get access.
I didnt click on any attachment at that time. Did you get that log?
All my boards patched too, very easy!
Good jobSmile I knew MyBB is the best board systemBig Grin

Greetings from PolandSmile
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As soon I got the message from my email I update my forum, good job
Sir P Wrote:in the prementioned thread you said prepare for 1.2.2 in the coming days ..

is there a date in mind for that?

Also, will it modify current mysql structure?

Sir P
Not that I know of for both questions. It should be a pretty straight forward upgrade, I don't think you will need to run the upgrade script as it stands.
arashpour Wrote:I didnt click on any attachment at that time. Did you get that log?

Yes. I believe we did obtain a copy.
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Well done Smile
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ok thanks christian

hopefully my locking databases/sessions bug will be fixed tooSmile

P.S. I know that after 2 months or no updates, a security patch was right around the corner. P.S. Will MyBB 1.2.2 also have new features (We beta testers were promised to test it. Toungue ).
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