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Not Solved [How To?] make this invisible?
Not Solved
[Image: cb83665f778e07f5de2af801b0b1ae2a.png]

This at the footer, makes the forum looks a bit unprofessional.

How could I make this either invisible or what would happen if I removed it?
Not Solved
Nothing would happen if it got removed, just the fact that users including the admins would not be able to view that section at the bottom. You can edit this in your foot template. Just delete out the stats.
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Not Solved
that is debug information useful for the administrators and visible only to them (see this to remove it)
Not Solved
i would like to have one option to hide that to
im using snagit to make and edit the screenshots
Not Solved
ACP > Configuration > Server and Optimization Options > Advanced Stats / Debug information
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