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Not Solved [Error Message] SQL Error message when PMing
Not Solved
I tried to install a quick reply in PM option:

Then I went to go and test it and send myself a PM so that I could see if the plugin worked. When doing that, I noticed an error. I then went and tried to PM a dummy account I created to see if the error happened then. It didn't. It appears that the error only appears when attempting to PM me.

Picture of error:

I am running MyBB 1.6.10.

Other notes:
-I still receive the PM.
-Tried deactivating the plugin after installation and same issue.
-Looked here and couldn't find the exact error:
Not Solved
Take a look at this documentation page:
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Not Solved
Could there be an explanation of why this is only happening when users PM me?

It doesn't happen when I PM anyone else (given there are only 2 other users on the board for now)

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