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Not Solved Recovering Thread
Not Solved
Is it possible to recover a thread?

I found a plugin that works but it needed to be installed prior to the deleting. And It wasn't.

I really need to recover a thread it was deleted. Is it possible?
Not Solved
Technically it is not possible. Some mods do that but as you said, it needs to be installed before you delete the thread or the post. These mods actually don't remove it from the database, they just move it to the somewhere no one can see but keep it in the database.
Not Solved
Bah. That's the worst thing I need to read right now. That thread was freaking important =x
Not Solved
You may try to restore an older mysql backup if you have one, that's the only way.
Not Solved
Nope =\
Not Solved
Sorry then.
Not Solved
If you are on a shared host then your host may have a back up - they will probably just overwrite the data since the back up though.
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