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Not Solved wrong chapter in last posts
Not Solved
I have move my forums from a server to new server and I got error in all mybb forum.

It is �... on all last posts list. I use unicode in my forum and i use utf8_general_ci in my database.

How can i fix it?

Not Solved
What's your forum url?
Not Solved is my forum link.
Not Solved
^ do you have all the content alright except the last post shown on the index page ?
does the thread title appear normal when you make a new thread / reply ?

you can try (if you haven't tried earlier) Rebuild Forum Counters & Rebuild Thread Counters tools
available in Recount & Rebuild tools (tools & maintenance section)
Not Solved
I have tried it and it is not ok.

The thread tile is normal in forum list but not ok in last post show. I will show you some images.

[Image: d9a183261476704.jpg] [Image: 02a858261476705.jpg] [Image: b47d85261476710.jpg]

It happen in all mybb forum after i move to new server.

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