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Anyone have a site they want advertised? Pay-per-click on your banner.
PM me if you have a site you want advertised. Huge marketing idea I'm putting into effect soon, should get a lot of traffic.

Willing to do it for ANY site.

How it works:

You pay me $X USD as a maximum advertising amount. You can then choose a package, either (a) pay $0.10 per click* on your ad, or (b) pay $0.0025 per view* on your ad. I keep your $X USD deposit until the end of the competition. I will set up a page that tells you exactly how much you owe me, how many visitors you've received, and how many of those are unique. If, by the end of the event, your deposit is not used up then you get back the difference that has not been used. If it goes through before the event is up, your ad will be removed and I'll contact you asking if you'd like to renew and make another deposit to keep your ad there.

This "event" will be in the form of a competition, and has potential to get very popular since it's something everyone can do. Basically users will spread it by word-of-mouth to benefit themselves since there will be prizes. Your advertisement will be a PRIME location, in the top right corner of the screen on certain pages with nothing else around it. I can design the ad for you, unless you have one already.

* You only pay PER UNIQUE IP that sees or clicks your ad (depending on the package you chose). If someone clicks/sees your ad multiple times, you only need to pay once.

Please PM me for additional information. I need sponsors like you guys to keep the prizes high.

If wanted, I can even limit it by referred page. Example: if a gold seller wanted to sponsor this, I could make it so his ad ONLY shows to people who come to the site from,,, etc. You can make a list of sites that if people come from, they're shown the ad, and ONLY those people. This helps make sure only people who are interested see your ad.

For anyone wondering as well, this idea will be effective July 1st and will MOST LIKELY be a 1 month competition, lasting until July 31st.
I like to know what websites/pages my ad will be on. Google Analytics of the page my ads will be displayed is another big plus.

Guide to bank accounts, credit cards and investments.
Yeah, I might be interested but I'd like to know what your ad network consists of. Which sites, etc.

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