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Not Solved auto open threads
Not Solved
Friends when users open forum then all threads auto open. Then we save one click to open any threads and its save time. thanks
please how its possiable
Not Solved
Read this:
and/or this:

Your query would be:
UPDATE `mybb_threads` SET `closed` = '0' WHERE `closed` = '1' AND `fid` = 'x'
Where x is the forum fid (number in forum link when you visit it).
So for example:
UPDATE `mybb_threads` SET `closed` = '0' WHERE `closed` = '1' AND `fid` = '127'

for this forum.
Not Solved
sorry i can not explained you in better way.
Friends all post can show open when we open forum
i hope now you are understand.
please see pic

open any thread at the end of that thread next thread start. through this many thread we can see and look i think better

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