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[For sale] - Caerulus (blue) theme
I'm not interested in any feedback / sugesstions / comments.

Since my customer decided to withdraw (cancel) his theme request after i've finished the theme i've decided to put his work on sale (One copy only that includes full rights).

Theme name: Caerulus (latin for Blue)

Price: 25 USD

Payment method: PP

Support: Yes (via demonate)

Demo. PM me for it (ATM it's on my localhost setup but i'll move it to a live board)

Note: Second SS is using First / Last post avatar Plugin by Tomm M
Note 2: Theme comes with PSD files

[Image: 17910782-holder-4cc59985c8e97069d5bec6c53a42001c.jpg] [Image: 17910781-holder-ea733e609398efdcb98f309a7b8cce9c.jpg]

[Image: 17910780-holder-c935910f72cfd3cc14131bad63463213.jpg] [Image: 17910779-holder-25df27fe3079187994a9b91b3f9a78e0.jpg]

[Image: 17910778-holder-e5bedf939360a8e4a9b627ceb62c1593.jpg] [Image: 17910777-holder-b0cc545a01a785cc1de193d8a389481f.jpg]

[Image: 17910776-holder-91fe014f0fea7254b8ad61446fb5ff3b.jpg] [Image: 17910775-holder-9acfd96c054191a84c56218d9e1e2b60.jpg]

[Image: 17910774-holder-b781d519a7fa6fc0f6c3df7156a92801.jpg] [Image: 17910773-holder-312b08846026429fd78a74a3732eda7c.jpg]

[Image: 17910772-holder-46b7080009b5bdd8c6615f07f106c1c7.jpg]

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