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Odd redirects


Quote:I guess if it's resolved, it's resolved
I guess your right. Smile

- Rich -
Hmmm. A couple of little details on their home page lead me to believe that they might have been more likely than normal to have lied. Namely that Hostinger has a parent that owns other web services (likely hosts). When management/corporate is like that, a lot of BS tends to occur.
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I would have to agree. Working with the help desk staff can be a lot of 'hand holding'. The last time redirects happened I nailed it down to to their Apache server being infected with Backdoor.Cdorked. The only admission I ever received was that they had a misconfiguration in the 'httpd' binary which what Backdoor.Cdorked is/effects. No thank you for pointing this out, no at-a-boy just things are fixed move along, nothing to see here.

- Rich -

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