last post sidebar
i searched about sidebar and found many tutorial about that but i cannot find what i want.

i need a side bar just like this site :
i need to show last posts with user avatars and some content of last posts.
Advanced Sidebox is the best sidebar plugin I can think of.
yes its good but dont have lastpost (as i say in first post)
i need a new one just like that

i need a code to show last posts with user avatars and some content of post.
The latest threads shows the thread with the latest post at top, so it's actually "Latest Posts"... Getting the avatars would require only a little PHP edit but why not ask Wildcard if he can implement it.

Edit: The post content is another thing of course, I'd still ask Wildcard, I think you have a better chance of getting it done as a module for Advanced Sidebox than as a stand alone plugin.

Good luck. Smile
because i just need a simple php code to show last posts with avatars and i don't want to use this Advanced Sidebox plugin( i have some problem with that).

mybb support where are you?
I would also like to know where in the template can I append this to the sidebar url:


It seems my sidebar is using the portal's latesttheads tag.

Anyway I can modify the portal to use ?action=lastpost in the side bar?
ACP->Templates & Style->Templates->Your THeme->Portal Templates->portal_latestthreads_thread. Where you see {$thread['threadlink']} add &action=lastpost before the double quote.

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