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[F] Themes Problem

After upgrading to MyBB 1.2.2 with the changed files zip, when viewing say showthread.php the theme would change to another theme that is installed on the board.

This seems to be happening at random times.

I've tried exporting the themes then deleting them and reimporting.

Do you have any ideas whats going on?


Similar here:
Themes that aren't set as standard simply don't work for me in most parts of the forum (but not randomly)
Not randomly, that how it's seems indeed. Only links containing "showthread.php" and "forumdisplay.php" show all themes, as far as I've tested my forum.

(Glad that I'm not the only one ... :$)
users in my forum can't change forum theme at userc control panel. What can I do for that bug??
Weird. I'm having a similar problem on my Theme Designers.

I picked my theme Easy Blue, but it won't change to Easy Blue unless I'm viewing a thread or forum. Any other place is the default theme!

Someone pleeeaaassee help me!

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
Moving into bug reports forum.
confirmed for me as well

odd bug
Make sure that all the theme has it's template based on the default mybb and are reverted.

btw...did you run the upgrade.php script after uploading your files?
I can confirm that this is definitely a regression in MyBB 1.2.2. Someone made a mistake while modifying global.php. Toungue

For now you can use the following version of global.php which should fix it.

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