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[F] is_moderator() return value
There are at least two places where MyBB expects the return value of is_moderator() to be boolean, but of course, it's not. =P

xmlhttp.php line 470
forumdisplay.php line 278
This bug has been fixed in the latest code. Thank you.
Time to rename the forum to Archived - MyBB 1.2.2 Toungue
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Can you please indicate how to fix this bug on a default install of myBB 1.2.2?

Currently you'll have to wait for MyBB 1.2.3 because I don't know what files were changed. Perhaps Crackter can help you there.
ok, I'll wait for or PM Crackter. I can see that most of the threads have fixes posted in them, which is great, there's just a couple of older ones that do not.

I just wana make sure I have all known bugs squashed before I launch my site.

Thanks for the quick response.
meep.. Well, we usually post fixes because usually people post and tell us to post them. We usually don't post them if they are big/some files you have to upload unless someone specially wants them.

Upload to your root forum folder.

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cheers Crakter!

I think it is important to post bugfixes once they are completed, well, except where the bugs require major code rewrites I guesss (which would require a new release of the entire software, ie 1.2.3)

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