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How to restore forums that are deleted
So my friends deleted all the forums and we dodnt make any database back ups
Is this possible ?
If you don't have any database backups, no. You'll have to start from scratch, and carry on with this as a little lesson.
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The most likely suggestion would be start from scratch but before you do so, I would recommend you to contact your host. I believe most hosts take weekly and monthly backups of both the site files and database, if they can provide you with some backups or even better backup your forum for you, your problem would be solved but there are two minor problems if your host keeps backups of your database and site files. First is that the backups won't cover up everything. For example: If the most recent backup was taken on the 7th of July then you would lose out all the posts and activity that happened on the 8th, 9th and the 10th which isn't a major thing in my honest opinion. Second issue is that some hosts charge a price to provide you with your forum/websites' backups.

Good Luck!
First I'd look into your control panel and look for some backup software (R1Soft for example) to see if you are able to restore an automated backup yourself.

If not, contact your host. Any reputable & reliable host will be creating backups of the entire server, they may be willing to provide you a backup for free or for a small fee depending on the company & assuming they actually create backups.

If they don't have backups you can access then sadly you will be starting from scratch. A lesson learnt, create backups of your data in case this day occurs again.

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