Exchange Plugin [Huge Budget]
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I would like a plugin that members can purchase points via paypal (and others if applicable), and their accounts will be credited. They can then go into the marketplace, and look through ads. When they find someone that they would like to purchase from, per say, bitcoins, both members would send their items into a sort of "bucket". Once the system verifies both members have placed the desired amount into the bucket, the members can click "Confirm", this will release the credits into one person, and the bitcoins in the other. Users can then cashout there points, for the amount that has been set. (ie; 100 points = $100) For every exchange, a set amount will be sent to the admin. I have a pretty large budget, I am sure this can be worked out.
I think I would be interested in doing this, just shoot me a PM with your Skype and we can talk more about it!

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