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Machete - Free Sexy MyBB Theme from MySkins Studio
[Image: 06fgGG7.png]

Hello guys ,
Here i present to you the free sexy MyBB theme from our MySkins Studio - Machete.
The theme is a give away on the eve of launch of MySkins V3 Design.

The theme is light , Minimal and easy to eyes which can be used for any forums.
It is built with CSS3 and Jquery elements which enhance its performance.

The theme is free to use and license is included in it and i wish you read it before your use.

Preview : [Version 1]
[Version 2]
Download [2 versions ]: link
I hope you guys love the theme.
Thank you,
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
No screenshot or demo? :\
(2013-07-17, 02:51 PM)brad-t Wrote: No screenshot or demo? :\

Oops i forgot to add one , added to first post.
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
Sexy theme. Best theme I've seen so far for a free theme o_O
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Not really very cool. Its better than a few other free themes.

But really not very good dude. [No offense]
Agree with Cedric. Not the best of free themes, but a simple one is always likeable. +1
[Image: MaDuhur.png]
by Dukhor, IcyBoards Community Forums
This theme has an interesting style. I like the "boxiness" of it. Good job!

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