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need a domain.
I am creating a community support group forum for Filipino who are suffering from Anxiety disorder, Panic disorder and Depression.

Because here in my country they had a stigma if you are suffering with those disorder and you go to a psychiatrist the majority of people here will think that you are crazy.

I want to open the mind of the people that anxiety and depression is a serious stuff and not to be make fun of nor ignored.

Of course I'll be using mybb. In exchange I'll be an active poster to your forum.

Realistically speaking I don't have enough money to pay from domain and hosting because I don't have a credit card or even paypal.

pinoydepression is the domain name that i want to use.

Thanks you for reading.
(2013-07-25, 11:08 AM)effone Wrote: Networksolution, 1&1, Namecheap offering domains as low as $0.50 - $0.99 currently.
Just dig around a little.
if you can find such domain registrar (who accepts PayPal and not bound with credit card) then
PM me your credentials at that domain provider site (this is for the first year only)
Thank you so much. I will find that registrar that accepts Paypal.
^ please reply my PM
Thank you so much for responding in my request. I really appreciate it. And to all members will be joining in our community forum will also say thank you to you. GOD will Bless you.

Again Thank you so much for the domain I received.

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