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On plagiarism | Sobre plágio
I apologize if posting this topic in the wrong area.

Good afternoon,

I am Brazilian and I am looking for support on the MyBB because Brazil is down.

I'm having problems with plagiarism and would inform me as MyBB acts such cases if there is or remains neutral terms for such cases.

I am awaiting a response.

Thank you.



Boa tarde,

Sou brasileiro e estou buscando suporte no pois o MyBB Brasil está fora do ar.

Estou tendo problemas com plágio e gostaria de me informar como o MyBB age nesses casos; se permanece neutro ou se há termos para casos assim.

Fico no aguardo de resposta.

Unfortunately MyBB is just the software developer/provider. MyBB does NOT control content shared by any website using the MyBB software. To report DMCA takedowns or negotiate with the removal of your copyright content; I would first recommend contacting the founder or the current CEO of the website. If that does not help then I would suggest you should contact their host.

To report abuse to hosts: Check who the website is hosted with at

Once again, MyBB does not have control over the content shared by any website using the MyBB software neither can provide further assistance.

Good Luck!
Hello Arbaz,

Thanks for your reply.
I had already entered in contact with hosting the plagiarist, and then wanted know the position of MyBB as to that point, case happening again.

Thank you for clarifying.

A hug.

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