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I Need OffShore Hosting
Hi Every One,
I need offshore hosting, which may allow warez, whether I post or not but I don't want to suffer any problems in future, disk space should be 1 gb or greater, bandwith should be 25 gb or greater, those are only my requirements, any one providing hosting please contact me in this thread or via pm.
plus: am I going fine in this section? Huh
They are a lot of offshore hosts around. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share a list of offshore hosts. Why don't you search it up on Google then check for reviews?
@ Arbaz! Sorry I forgot to mention that I can only pay via payza so I need hosters who accept payza & provide me hosting at moderate price, to me $1 per month I can pay without any problem.
You can't find any good offshore host for under $1. You could once in a blue moon find a good onshore host under or exactly $1. I know a couple of offshore hosts that accept payza however under $5 is slightly tough.
yup that's the matter I cannot afford that much for my small community forum Sad
If you have a small community then you would hardly be noticed. Go with a free web host.
We're not going to help you find a host to commit illegal activities.
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