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Forum Posting/Activity Services [HQ] [Cheap]
Hi there! Today I'll be starting a forum activity service!
I'm more than happy to help you increase your sites' activity and post count, for quite cheap if I must say so myself. I'm an extremely active forum addict, and I specialize in anything related to technology. I'm also able to use google, so I could BS my way should I have to.

Experienced topics:

Here's what I'll do for you:
1. Create a profile, complete with a custom signature as if I was truly dedicated member.
2. Socialize with quests, for a bare minimum 2 hours/day - (On days I don't work, I can spend 7+ hours, easily)
3. Write informative, useful, upbeat threads for your forum.
4. Provide suggestions, with questions posed to other members to keep the posting going.
5. Reply to others' threads in a positive, happy manner.
6. Create basic graphic signatures for your members.
7. These posts won't simply be "Hahah, I like your idea there", they would be more along the lines of "That not a half bad idea, might make more sense to do Y instead though"

Now, lets say I complete my task - If I find the forum entertaining and happy, I will stay. I like to join forums if you can't tell - I won't stop being a part of your community immediately after the job is done presuming I'm not being harassed or hated.

Now, here's the prices - Keep in mind, you must give at least 4 days for completion, or you can tell me how long you would like me to spread them out over.

If your forum has less than 750 posts:
50 posts: $3.50
100 posts: $6.00
200 posts: $11.50

If your board has 750 posts or more:
50 posts: $3.00
100 posts: $5.50
200 posts: $10.50

Contact Methods:
Forum PM
Skype, mine is currently OperationMetro

Payment Methods:
Currently only paypal, PM me for more info.
Also accepting forum-related items. Themes, databases, domains, things like that.

Terms of Service:
It may take less than 4 days to have your posts delivered, but I would like at least that amount of time.
I won't be "going first" on these deals, I will prove my legitimacy over time with vouches.

PM'd you. Check your inbox.
Do you also offer moderation services?
Just give me a set of rules and I'd be happy to.

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