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Can someone put a chatrrom in my site
I've tried to put a chatroom in my site but always get an error i don't know what am I doing wrong. I really wanted to put a chatroom in my site so with fellow sufferer can chat with each other.
which chat system you are trying ? PM me the details and admin panel access
Try posting a link to tiny chat and leaving it in a section all by itself at the top of your forum.

Easy if you have a facebook group for your forum,post one in the facebook group and copy it to your forum.
So much cheaper,and works great with webcams.You can even reserve one in your websites name and keep it private for about 70 a year.

But you can get a free one as well that runs adds
I don't understand why people even bother with a forum if they're just going to put a huge chat box on it.

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