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Looking for a Developer for a MyBB Forum.
Hey guys im looking for a developer. Im trying to get a forum going but i need help getting things going. I know much about css, html, and php, however i need someone with a little more knowledge than me to help me out. I dont have the money to pay someone, but in the future i hopefully will be able to. If you are willing to help please post below or contact me by p.m. Thanks Blush

So what am i looking for?

-Someone whos good with mods and or themes
Nobody experienced here will develop a forum for you for free.

Not a forum. I need someone to help me make theme and modifications. Someone with a little more experience than my self.
Well if you just want theme and template modifications then I can do that for you but 4+ years of experience - Tough Luck
That was a little bit of exaggeration. Well, is there any where else i can contact you besides MyBB?
Well I do have Skype but I'm having some issues connecting to Skype. You can chat through PMs on MyBB til I fix the issue with my Skype.
Ok. Thank you a lot. Ill let you in on the details. Just let me know when you are ready and when your Skype is up.
PM your forum information, I might be available to help. I have to build my portofolio up.

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