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I'll upload a PDF of an Analytics export asap but traffic is minimal. Matter of fact I discourage activity unless it's for the plugin support. Upgrades are still regular and have been for years. So these low-ball offers are just insulting. I should get at least 18 months of income. Anything less is insulting since this also includes the intellectual property of the plugins and site.

Anyone serious about creating plugins, themes, or offering MyBB support should be dying to have this site.
Sad to see you selling your site labrocca. I am interested can u please provide some details.
Will premium members keep our accounts?
If you want to see the value of it, just view the members list, and see how many are premium just this month.

I count 12 from just this month. 10 dollars per upgrade. That's 120 dollars. With plugin updates, and some advertising here I bet you could doubt/triple that. Anyone with time, and a bit of experience can make some money with this. I'd factor in that this hasn't really been advertised in a while, that's just from what's around. Imagine if you put new content (Good content..), etc on it.
(08-25-2013, 02:35 AM)fizit Wrote: Will premium members keep our accounts?

That would depend on who buys it, not on him.

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