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Need Logo
I am looking to start up a blog/media website for myself to help me look a little more professional. Starting to build up sponsorship and want to be able to blog/review the products and such.

I do kayak fishing for redfish and also beach shark fishing. I want a logo that kinda says that I fish for both. A typical image for redfish is there tail. they have a big black spot and the base and sharks are typically there fin out of the water?

Not sure if a silhouette of a guy with fishing pole hooked up on a redfish or fish splashing in the water could be doable with maybe a shark fish around it all or just a fin in the water?

Will try to find some references but hopfully you feel what I am trying to get at.
Is this sort of what you'd like? If so, you can buy the PSD from me.
Lost the psd... Photoshop crashed during saving. Dodgy
Bummer.. maybe this will be easier for someone to do. picture a ying yang. have one redfish and one shark and make them sorta fit together like a ying yang. NOT perfect circle or anything just close so they fit well is all... think that would be sick

this would be paid.... can't believe no one interested.

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