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PLS hacked mybb forum help pls
one more question i fix all but still hacked i found in sql he add in sql what do do now pls, can i delete sql mybb_templates, because he add there and will forum gain create mybb_templates in sql and how i can block sql

can i delete his sql lines from sql table
^ if you have cleaned the templates then that code should be already removed from the database.
if that code still exists then you can manually remove from the database (tackle with care)
thx i will, but how he add, via sql inject, because i dont see any kind of logs in mybb forum admin log, is my sql is unprotected or else?
he could of hacked your hosting account and then did the changes so it's really important to not use outdated plugins since any of those can cause open sql injections or backdoors being vunerable for hackers.
yea exactly i ahve stupid password on myphp admin, and he get in and inject his script in sql, and thax all for help really appreciate

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