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Not Solved vBulletin 2.3
Not Solved
I have a really old vBulletin SQL file that I would like to restore (and somehow port to MyBB 1.6, if possible). In order to convert the database in the first place, I would need a working copy of vB 2.3 as well. Seeing as how they no longer offer that version, it doesn't seem possible to restore its original environment. Is there any way anyone can think of that I can restore my old database to MyBB?
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there is no need of working vBulletin. you can use Merge system (assuming that database backup is complete - without errors)
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It's good to know there are ways to convert databases without a working environment, however I have looked at the merge page before, and it does not list vBulletin 2.x as a supported format. I will try it anyways, just for fun.

Currently, the only way I've found is to convert vBulletin 2 to phpBB 2, then phpBB 2 to MyBB 1.6. Unfortunately, the converter for vBulletin 2 to phpBB 2 requires a vBulletin 2 environment to be installed, and that is no longer possible because vBulletin doesn't offer 2.x and PHP wouldn't support it anyways.
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If you have a vB license you can still download and use vB 2.x.x
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That isn't true. It is no longer available. Even if it was, I'd have to downgrade my version of PHP to even run it through my browser.

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