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Not Solved [How To?] Changing the default font of posts on my forum
Not Solved
I'm guessing somewhere in the global.css file I have to edit a hex code but i'm not sure where. I just want the default color of the font in anyone's post to be black. Right now it's gray and it isn't exactly readable with the white background. Thanks!
Not Solved
you can try adding .post_content {color: #000 !important;} at the bottom of global.css (advanced edit mode)

hard refresh your browser (eg. press CTRL + F5) on a topic page after saving changes to global.css
Not Solved
Hey that worked! thanks dude. If anyone else knows the proper way that's be great because I'd like to change the font on a few things. I was thinking there's like somewhere the gray font hex code is saved so it can be used for multi things, so i could change it to #000.
Not Solved
^ in general, you can change all #222 and #ccc to #000 (see html color codes)
Not Solved
ok, thanks man!
Not Solved
(2013-09-02, 06:47 PM)Neolexia Wrote: ok, thanks man!

or you could alter the class in the correct css file or create a new css file add classes then alter your templates to suit your new classes ... it is possible to add more than one class to an element so in some circumstances you could add extra styling by adding the extra class eg

<a class="float_left red" href="index.php">link to index</a>

this may float to the left then add the css rules in the class red (here you could alter the text size and set the font color red, background blue and a large font)


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