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Not Solved Button bug
Not Solved

It's at teampage, how to solve?
Not Solved
Can you provide a link to your forum?
Not Solved
(09-03-2013, 06:26 PM)Kroketten Wrote:

It's at teampage, how to solve?

the width of the last <td> (or <div>) in the row is too narrow alter your widths ... with the site url we could tell you exactly what to alter
Not in this land alone,
But be God's mercies known,
From shore to shore!
Lord make the nations see,
That men should brothers be,
And form one family,
The wide world ov'er

Not Solved - but you need to login to view the teampage.
Not Solved
You could add "display: block;" to the button class but that would only make it look like that:
[Image: SD42Wbo.png]
Additionally you may edit the forumteam template and remove the word "send".
[Image: huesdv.jpg]
Not Solved
What template is for teampage?

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