Cached Code? | {cache: true}
Yesterday after a little bit of pioneering and help from this forum I found the header template and inserted the javascript for a XMPP Web Chat Client into it at the end of the rest of the original code.

Templates >> Default Templates >> Template Set >> Header Templates >> Header

Today I found out that there was no way to modify the graphical formatting of the chat client but for some reason it's text was being over-written so that I had white text on a white background because my theme for my site is white text on a black background. Since making it work with MyBB only required inserting the javascript I thought un-installing it would be a simple matter of removed the offending javascript then then hit the [revert to original] drop down I discovered.

After a moment I got this message . . .
The selected template has successfully been reverted.

Imagine my surprise when I returned to the front end of the forum and found the client still installed and asking for my id. I got hold of a support person at at[email protected] and the not particularly helpful twit on duty asked me to explain what happened twice only to tell me that it wasn't their problem, that it was a MyBB problem, good bye.

There are groups of people that come together with the genuine spirit of Free/Libre Open Source Software, isn't one of them. The public face they showed to me was what you got was free, you want real help, pay me. Dodgy

What I need to know is if the script is cached somewhere that I haven't discovered yet?

I checked [Cache Manager] but didn't find anything that obviously had to do with the templates.

What do I do to get rid of this zombie web chat client?

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

<script type="text/javascript"


<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery.ajaxSetup({cache: true}); My only clue is this statement where it clearly says {cache: true}


function() {
MINI_GROUPCHATS = ["[email protected]"];
launchMini(true, true, "");
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So is the code still in your header template?
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(2013-09-08, 06:58 AM)Seabody Wrote: So is the code still in your header template?

Shade from here on the board logged in with an admin account and found the offending code and got rid of it. There are people that can swim free-style through code like nobody's business and then those like myself that are just lucky to tread water. I'm just glad it's gone. Never going to trust a lame third party plugin again unless I have an experienced co-pilot along for the ride.
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Just to let everybody know, that plugin adds its code in the header_welcomeblock_guest.
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