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My MyBB! Just got one freshly installed and stuff...
Anybody would like to join? I really want members, as only a friend of mine has registered. Is a gaming board, the site is still not finished but the forum is.

So please atleast register. Big Grin
Would be nice if you made your default theme something other than the "MyBB Default" Wink
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
ok, thanks for the suggestion, any game-like theme I could use?
I would also like to change my theme. Do you have to purchase them with My Buck$ or is there someplac you can get them for free?

Nice site by the way Pure gamer.
#5 users can use skins for free. Go to your admin cp (/admin) and look under theme settings for all available themes.
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Give us your feedback about MyBB in this thread and become listed on the MyBB website.
nicee sure I'll join Toungue
Any comments on the new style I made for MyBB?
your style is O.K. but your logo does not fit to it
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Am I bad at addvertising? I have tried at other boards posting with a link to my board as signature but I still have the same amount of members, and they rarely post. I am going to go nuts if this keeps like it's going D:. Could somebody give me some tips on how to addvertise and get members?
My advice would be too fill your forum with some content so when members do visit your forums they have something to read. Most of the time its down to the admin of the forums to get them going, so start threads in each forum, so there are none that say 'never'. Members seeing forums with no posts, causes them to not post. Start some discussions in each forum.

You could say spam your own forum a bit, to make it look active, members will usually reply to apost rather than start one.
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