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Not Solved auto links
Not Solved

i'm not sure if this question has been asked already!... i couldn't find anything on it. if it has.. i apologise!

i morderate

it is a forum that discusses a trading card game.

is there a way for our members to type the name of the card and the name of the card automatically becomes a link to the wiki page that details the stats of card?

For example:

I type Laurelai

and it automatically becomes a link to:

this would help our forum tremendously!

Thank you!
Not Solved
You are going to have to make or use a API from that website, or you can tell you members to stop being lazy and use the hyperlink bb code
Not Solved
so everyone will just have to do this instead?

"[url equals weblink]"

"Card name"

"[ forrward slash url]"

what's an API?
Not Solved
you can add a new custom MyCode for your requirement by taking guidance from wiki type links thread
Not Solved
Sorry complete noob with the terminology.

And the link you provided I didn't really understand

How do I setup the custom mycodes?

Ok I found the site explaining it

But unfortunately I'm not admin... So it's hard for me to understand .

so how can our members use the codes to create links to the wiki site for each card available?
Not Solved
^ the links are there for providing required guidance!

<a target="_blank" href="$1" title="Wikipedia:  $1">$1</a>

if you are confused, would you like to give temporary admin panel access to add required custom MyCode
Not Solved
You might also find this helpful. You can test regexs.
Not Solved
Thanks all. We made a [card]card name[/card] mycode which links to the wiki

Working great!

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