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Not Solved [How To?] Security in registation modalbox
Not Solved
Hey there,

I followed this thread:
on how to make a registration modal box,

I succeeded in make one, But everytime some one registers.
It redirects to member.php with the error that the form might have been filled in by a spambot.

That's not the only problem. How can I manage to add extra security in that modalbox? Like (re-)Captcha and hidden captcha?

Thanks in Advance!
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Not Solved
If you want re-captcha go to Admin CP > Configurations > General Configurations > find CAPTCHA Images for Registration & Posting then there will be 3 choices, 1. No captcha 2.MyBB default captcha and 3. re-captcha.

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Not Solved
That's not the problem, I know where to activate the captcha, I want it in a modal displayed on every page where the modal is opened. The captcha for now only works on the member.php files/templates.
Everything is nothing, With a twist.

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