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Why so easy to spam MyBB? What to do?
Blocking posts is easy with Spamalyser. Blocking registrations is trickier.
Spamalyser is an absolute saviour, it cuts out about 95% of spam. I then use goodbye spammer to ban them which helps link in with a few other things. Overall I get maybe one post every 2 days that gets through as spam, which isn't bad as I have hundreds of attempts per day at posting spam that gets picked up by spamalyser
I have now runned Register Security Question 1.2 with swedish questions a week but I still get spammers. I also installed Stop Forum Spam 1.4 but this plugin returned server not found when register user so it had to be uninstalled again.
^ registration security questions plugin requires a little code modification. And also I'd suggest to replace
the questions text with low resolution images containing the questions so that bots do not get them easily

just as an example --> [Image: 01ti.png]
why so easy remote login bot.
Go search Google for "XRumer" Wink That will answer your question.
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