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Not Solved global.lang.php does not exist
Not Solved
I just completed a fresh install.
When I attempt to get at the forum, I get:
/inc/languages/english/global.lang.php does not exist
When I attempt the admin panel:
Your forum does not contain an Administration set. Please reupload the english language administration pack.

I have confirmed that global.lang.php is present. However, the permission may be the issue. After the install ftp via windows 7 fails to access the english directory. Checking the permissions
web User : Read, Write, No execution
Owner: Read, Write, No execution.

I followed the install directions and changed the permissions to 6 for the two above. This was after ftping the files. Was I suppose to go back and change the permissions after install?

I changed the permissions to
Web: Read, no write, executable
owner: Read, write, executable

and now it works. But I feel I may have compromised security. What should the permission be set to?

Since there are php files in the english directly, should the executable permission be set?
Not Solved
see required permissions for files & folders
Not Solved
I followed the install instructions and chmod as required, yet I ended up with the issue above.

I did delete the install directory and CHMOD config.php back to 644.

But that was not enough. Perhaps its a godaddy thing, but I had to make the "english" directory:
web user: Read
Owner: Read, Execute
Not Solved
^ are you using a ftp client (eg. filezilla) - if not I'd suggest to use it
if you use firefox browser then you can also use FireFTP add-on

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