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Registering Error
Hello, I am getting this error when users try to register:

Quote:MyBB Internal Error
MyBB has experienced an internal error and cannot continue.

Error Type:
Catchable Fatal Error (4096)
Error Message:
Object of class captcha could not be converted to string
File: member.php(766) : eval()'d code
Line: 45
File Line Function
/inc/class_error.php 206 errorHandler->output_error
/member.php(766) : eval()'d code 45 errorHandler->error
/member.php 766 eval
Please contact the MyBB Group for support.

If someone could help that'd be great.
navigate to member_register template of your forum's active theme. find {$captcha} , replace it with {$hiddencaptcha} and save the template

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