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[For 1.6] At Home Polls (Formerly Poll Box) v2.2.1
You know far more about how your plugin works than me, so it's a welcome intrusion. Toungue

Since this issue is more-or-less resolved for now, I'll go ahead and post version 2.0.3. This is another small (but mighty!) upgrade. Here's the changelog:
  • Corrected an issue on the ASB Edition where multiple poll sideboxes on the same page would display the same number of total votes.
  • Added the ability to display an edit poll link visible to moderators of the poll's forum on both editions. This can be enabled and disabled with a setting on the ASB Edition.

Version 2.0.3 is available from GitHub and the attachment in the first post, but since it doesn't fix any critical issues, it won't be available on the MyBB Mods site for a while. Since I sometimes make frequent updates to the plugin, I want to make sure that I give some time for any new version to be tested a bit longer (and for me to decide whether I want to make more tweaks or not Toungue ) before I submit it for validation.
Moderation aspects is a smart addition . . . in fact some of the core modules could benefit from that kind of thinking.

Great work. Smile
I thought so. The code was already there (it just needed tweaking), since standard MyBB polls already have an edit poll link displayed for moderators, and most of the code for displaying the poll itself is from MyBB core. But when I initially made the module I replaced the entry where the edit poll link normally resided with the "Show Thread" link. With 2.0.3 I decided to recommission the functionality, and just put it on a separate line so it fits.

But just in-case someone decides it looks inelegant, it can be disabled. Toungue
(2014-02-20, 12:27 AM)Wildcard Wrote:
(2014-02-20, 12:02 AM)Tanweth Wrote: The version of ASB that you're running may also be an issue.

Not to intrude, but yes that is the issue. Upgrading to ASB 2.0.5 would solve the issue. I'd suggest removing At Home Polls ASB Edition completely, upgrade to ASB 2.0.5 and then re-install AHPolls module.

Just my two cents.

Yeah i will definitely try that. Can I uprade ASB without losing all my settings?
Yes. Simply deactivate Advanced Sidebox from the Plugins screen, upload the new files, then reactivate it. Your settings will remain in-place.
Just wanted to say I updated the ASB version and reinstalled everything, it works now Wink Big ups to you both for your help!

(If I find more issues, I'll come back) Toungue
Not a problem. Definitely let me know if anything else is amiss. Smile
Version 2.1 released!

Time for a new version. This one has a few lovely changes, if I do say so myself. We also now have a new snappy logo, since I decided to apply my graphic design skills to the endeavor as well. Toungue

As always, you can get the latest version at GitHub or from the attachment on the first post. 2.1 has been submitted to the MyBB Mods site, but it has to be validated.

[Image: logo_homepoll.jpg]

  • Now when users vote (or do any other poll action), they're redirected to the page where they voted rather than the poll's thread. The original behavior can be restored with a setting. There are two exceptions to this. ASB: The member profile pages. On these pages, the user is redirected to the forum index. Standard: Users are redirected to the forum index when editing the poll, even if they commenced the action from the Portal.
  • Added a setting to disable display of the poll if it is closed.
  • Standard: Fixed some display issues and made other improvements to the compact layout.
  • Standard: Templates are now added to the global template list when applicable, so that they aren't generating unnecessary database queries.
  • Improved the code's compliance with the MyBB Development Standards.
  • General code optimizations.
Version 2.1 is now validated on the MyBB Mods site! So now you can download it from the official source. Smile
Version 2.2 now released!

This is a minor feature release that also fixes some minor issues. The change log is below:
  • Globalized the $homepoll variable on the Standard Edition. Now you can add the poll to any page of your forums by placing "{$homepoll}" in any template (with some exceptions, including the header template). By default it still only displays on Index and Portal, and display on those pages can still be enabled/disabled in settings.
  • Improved the way the redirect back to the page where a poll action was taken is handled. It should now work on any page of the forums without issue. However, the new redirect after editing a poll has been removed entirely. That implementation was more complex than I felt was worth to keep it around.
  • Fixed an issue where the pollbar graphic wouldn't appear on the Show Results page on the ASB Edition.
  • Cached the version number to make future upgrades easier (Standard only).

As always, you can get the latest version on GitHub or the attachment in the first post. Version 2.2 is currently awaiting validation on the MyBB Mods site.

EDIT: I must've caught a MyBB staffer just as he was going through the plugins and validating them, since Version 2.2 is already validated on the MyBB Mods site! That means you can already obtain it there.

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