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web site stolen
Today finally I was able to take a look at the files. It seems like the Admin directory was deleted however I also came to find out that the OP had his install folder and merge system on the root of his forum directory which possibly was a reason for the break-in. I took a quick peek at the database and the UID 1 password is in clear-text including the loginkey. Unfortunately, I can't help the OP further unless they are willing to teamview me because they aren't willing to share credentials and unable to tell difference between admin control panel and file manager.

An advice to other MyBB software users: After using the merge system, remove it completely from your server. It's also advised to delete the install directory after upgrading or installing your forum.
Well what's the point in offering assistance then putting me on the ignore list in private messages. Very mature!
Is there any one in the European time zone who can lend a hand , I can send a copy of the private messages from the last helper with all the relevant information. (Getting desperate now).
Well I provide support to those who I want to. Most people who receive support through teamviewer or other instant messaging with me deserve it because they are willing to learn and co-operate. I did not wish to fuel our conversation to lead to a different direction so I added you to my ignore list. And yes, avoiding a conflict is considered an act of maturity.

Good Luck in finding someone. If you find someone, request them to check reply #11 because it will save them time as it contains some useful information which will help restore your forum.

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