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Virpus is IMO is very good and cheap VPS you can get at very, very low price. I had ran Yaldaram.com over there and had never any issue with them.
Host: http://asmallorange.com/
Plan: Tiny (smallest Shared plan)
Types of hosting offered: Shared, VPS, Dedicated
Sites Hosted: http://galaxiesrealm.com/
Review: I've been with ASO since 2009 and I love them. Good uptime and quality service. The few times I've had issues they're quick to respond and fix whatever the issue was.
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host: http://malcube.com
Plan: Mini
Types of hosting offered: Shared, reseller, VPS
Review: I've been with Malcube since 2011. Friendly service and less downtime.
Host: A Small Orange
Plan: Small (shared, $50. per year, 1GB storage, 20GB bandwidth, cPanel)
Types of hosting offered: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller
Sites Hosted: Puppy Linux Forum, Puppy Linux FAQ
Review: Signed up in 2011. Support second to none. Infinite patience. Will answer any question and help with any problem no matter how long it takes. I know this because I’ve asked and received help with questions that other hosts would likely have ignored. IMO hosting without effective support is worthless. Only two brief outages in as many years. Rapid response time, usually one hour or less. Have only ever experienced minor difficulties which were resolved in short order. You haven’t been hosted till you’ve tried ASO.
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Host: XygenHosting - http://www.xygenhosting.com/
Plan: Linux VPS (package "2"), and Web Hosting Package (package "Advanced")
Hosting Offered: Shared, VPS (Linux and Windows), Dedicated, IRCd, BNCs, Domain Names
Sites Hosted: /
Review: I had signed up around 2010, this being my first actual VPS. The administration is extremely friendly, and it seemed no matter what my questions were that they were always able to help me out in a friend manner. They even sometimes would install those "optional fee" items for free, depending on how much you talked to them and how much free time they had. Very few problems, only a few DDos attacks which the owner had null routed within minutes (brought down only 1 server which was back up in ~20 minutes or so). They seem mostly active on IRC rather then the forums that they have setup, but live support > waiting for a post to your issue or waiting for that ticket to be replied back to.
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I am moving my site out of my current host, aka Godaddy. Their control panel is pathetic and taking backups is a mammoth task.

So currently I have considering the following hosts

1- Dreamhost:- 20$ one year

2- SiteGround:- 10$ one year

3- Stablehost

What would be the best host as per you guys for running a mybb forum.

I would suggest any of the hosts in the first post (other than the one that's not so suggested of course Toungue).
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Well none of them are suiting my needs. Small orange seems good but too much bandwidth limitations.

That is why just posted and asked.
How much bandwidth do you need? Is the site already active where you have usage statistics? Because, I don't know many forums that need more than 100gb a month that aren't big boards.

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