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I tend to use Mandrill to handle sending of email no matter what. I've never used more emails than is allowed on the free plan.
(2014-12-15, 02:40 AM)slickforum Wrote: Does anyone run into issues with email limits for any of the shared hosting companies mentioned here?

In most cases you would need to be sending a lot of emails to trigger a warning/suspension (a pretty active forum). Though no need to upgrade to a VPS if you cap the limits as you can opt for 3rd party services such as Mandrill.
Unsure how to set that up honestly.
Host: www.reliablehostingservices.net
Plan: CPU: Intel Dual Xeon L5420 (2.50 GHZ x 8)
RAID 10 Setup

Types of hosting offered: They offer shared, VPS and Dedicated Server
Sites Hosted: mysite.com (list sites you have hosted with them that you're willing to share)
Review: I've been in the market for a dedicated server that I can setup as a VPS node for a while. I wanted something a company that was close to my location (PA) so that as time goes by I can do co-location with as I grow my business.

I found Reliable Hosting Services. After talking with the owner (Martin) for a while I placed an order around 2:30pm. My dedicated server was ready by 3:50pm. This was the first time in the 13 years I've been ordering dedicated servers that I ever got the same day, let alone in a little over an hour after ordering. With the server being a vps node I was going to need more IP addresses than the average dedicated server customer needs, Martin was able to give me a great deal on these.

As of right now I give them a 5/5 rating. Support is fast (on average a ticket is responded to with in 5 to 10 minutes), network is great. I plan on ordering two more servers with them Smile.

Anyone that's in the market for a dedicated server, give Reliable Hosting Services a shot.

- Marc
High Quality Web Hosting from HostKoi Web Services, LLC
Host: www.wiredtree.com
Plan: VPS 1500 (1.5G RAM, 100GB SSD-Accelerated RAID, 4TB BW), $49/mo, use "ssdboost" coupon to get 10% discount
Types of hosting offered: Managed VPS, Hybrid, Dedicated
Sites Hosted: www.hwinfo.com
Review: Currently testing

Suggestion (not sure if this has been mentioned before): stay away from any EIG owned providers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_I...onal_Group
My site was hosted on HyperMart (bought by EIG as well) and after several outages, the last drop was when they disabled my entire site without any warning. The reason was an apparent malware present on my site, which was a false positive (i.e. they claimed there was a virus in sfs_log, which is a text file !). Their support is a joke and it took them 10 hours to enable the site again.
Host: frihost.com
Plan: 1.5 GB storage, high bandwidth
Type: Post to Host
Review: It was okay at first, but in the end, I've decided they are awful considering I gota virus from their forums. Also, you have to be really active on their forums AND there are a ton of ads on the forums, so overall, this is a Not-so-recommended site.
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DO pm me if you got suggestions for existing ones (although posting in the proper thread is preferred), or suggestions/ideas for new plugins (keep in mind I'm an amateur but not necessarily a beginner.)
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Hey guys I am looking for a VPS hosting that allows a hacking forum discussion board. Does any website VPS Hosting? I am personally whitehat, I do not allow credit cards, blackhat activity and bank fraud on the site. This is just a hacking board discussions with other sections like Gaming, Coding, Helping relationships.

Thank you for answering Smile

I need help with this ^
(2015-02-27, 09:03 PM)Patchy the Pirate Wrote: http://community.mybb.com/thread-167800.html

I need help with this ^

Have you managed to find a provider?
@Patchy - Spin up a 512MB or 1GB RAM server at DigitalOcean, Vultr, or similar. Install Apache/MySQL/PHP (which you can find TONS of guides out there for). If you want, you can also run nginx instead of apache, and php-fpm with nginx.
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