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Hey gang,

This is a personal, nonbiased review of HostGator

The pros:

The cons:

No ticket system, just an upsale modeling system, where phone support simply uses upsale techniques when providing support. Poor security, my HostGator server was hacked(and I had to migrate the entire site away from HostGator, just to get my site unblacklisted from Google.) HostGator is 3 times the price of regular hosting. Plus a ton of hidden fees. The actual phone support you get is just silly and doesn't help at all. The support are just trained sales people.

IMO, avoid HostGator.

The thing is, if I was warned before, not to use HostGator before I used HostGator, it would have saved me hundreds of dollars, and a ton of headache. So to all MyBB users, this is a warning, do not use HostGator for hosting.


Hacked Servers (Google Blacklisting)
No ticket System
3 times the price of regular host
Hidden fees
Horrible to nonexisting support
Spam Ads in Cpanel that you can't get rid of
No Website Cloning
A stripped down version of real Cpanel
A model of upsale, everything is upsale.

This is your warning.
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Could this be updated? :p only 1 on the list is still working hehe Big Grin
I am going to migrate from Hostgator. Any recommendations?

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