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[Paid] Looking for a plugin developer
Looking for a plugin developer to help add new functionality to my site, Harajuju. My site is run at a loss, so I'm looking for value – at the same time, I want you to be paid a reasonable amount and provide good quality work.

The following are not required, but are assets:
  • Understanding of xThreads
  • Understanding of MyNetwork
  • Comfortable editing custom plugins developed by others
  • Javascript/jQuery knowledge

Importantly, any plugin you develop for me is yours to resell, give away, or otherwise do whatever you want with. I am not interested in exclusive rights; I just want to give my users good functionality, and I want to encourage the development of projects that are useful to MyBB users. (Of course, this will be considered when calculating a price.)

Please PM me with a brief resume and lists of any work you have done before.
Not a single response? Is there something wrong with my request? haha
Leefish might be good for this. I know she is good at xTreads.
Possibly, but I don't think she does custom plugins. Haven't seen her in a while, either Sad
Contact Yaldaram. I'm sure he could do this unless he has other plans.

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