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Not Solved Help With SQL/Posts/User Levels?
Not Solved
Hello guys,

First of all, I have to mention that I have ported the data from IPB 3.x to myBB recently and everything seems to be perfect except.....

I am facing an issue which is causing regular users (NOT ADMINS) on the forum to not see any posts after certain posts. I.e., Logged in Users cannot see most of the posts whereas administrators can see all the posts.

URL to the forum:
Problematic Page: and many others across the board
New Installation: mybb 1.6
Data Ported: from IPB 3.x
Test user account: testuser
Test user password: testuser123

If you can see the images below:

This is how the forum usually looks like, When I open the thread this is what a regular logged in user sees:
Pay attention to the number of pages on the thread "Is Something on Your Mind?". It says 20 pages and last post was made 'Yesterday' by a user 'Anjunabeast'

On the last page, the last post made doesn't match.

The same thing logged in as Administrator:

Everything looks fine and dandy for Admin!

What do you think is the issue here? How do I go on about solving this issue? Any help will be appreciated.

Not Solved
Go to ACP>Tools & Maintenance>Recount & Rebuild

Recount and rebuild all the possible choices you see.
Not Solved
Hi Arbaz,

Thanks for your help. It seems to be working for me now.

I will get back if there are any further problems from users.

Not Solved
That's great news. Did it start working all of a sudden or after the solution provided in post #2?

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